Maija Hahn speaks to Florida Lawmakers

United For Healthcare Workers founder and president, Maija C Hahn, addressed Florida lawmakers in January 2023 asking them to “Screen The Blood!” after yet another study, this time by the American Heart Association, confirmed that the COVID mRNA vaccinations are not staying localized to the injection site and are in fact manufacturing the toxic COVID Spike Protein throughout the body and bloodstream.

This confirms a concern scientists and doctors have had regarding circulating spike proteins and the increase in myocarditis in young people vaccinated with the mRNA technology.

Maija shared what tens of thousands of healthcare workers and the “less-vaccinated” want to see Florida legislature focus on in the coming 2023 session:

1. Medical Privacy Laws to include Vaccination
2. Anti-Discrimination Laws giving equal rights to less-vaccinated
3. Regulations on Blood screening for the COVID 19 spike protein
4. A Florida VAERS System with mandatory and automated reporting
5. Certification for vaccine administration which includes thorough training on adverse reactions, contradictions, and true informed consent.
6. Keep cash as legal tender in the State of Florida.

The Summit is coming to Grand Rapids!

United For Healthcare Workers is national organization of independent healthcare workers who support true informed consent and medical choice and freedoms. What started out as a small group of approximately 200 Michigan doctors, scientists, and other healthcare workers who gathered to discuss concerns around the COVID 19 public health management and policies. We have now grown to over 6,000 around the country, all seeking to analyze and debate current healthcare recommendations and practices, to expand our knowledge, and to network with other providers.

We are a diverse group from many different disciplines working towards collaborative initiatives to better provide patient care and maintain patient & employee rights.

We advocate for integrity and ethics in medicine and science and do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to managing disease. We aim to bring back scientific conversations and debates on therapies, approaches, and policies that provide for individualized healthcare.for example, mandating fast tracked, liability-free, experimental pharmaceutical products on millions of Americans instead of looking at each individual’s healthcare needs, goes against ethics and integrity in medicine. Instead, public health policy should be addressing early treatments, natural immunity, and a variety of treatment protocols that best suit the individual.

United For Healthcare Workers is not affiliated with any particular organization or medical system. We are independent heathcare providers who aim to bring back ethical and scientifically based medicine and healthcare.

Autism research is getting closer to finding a cause for autism

Autism research is ebbing ever closer to finding a cause for autism. There are now multiple research studies pointing to an association with metal toxicity in drugs. Why are research institutions, who may have found the culprit to the rise in autism, being systematically and deliberately halted and dismantled?  How powerful is big Pharma? And how is it that when a pharmaceutical neurotoxin has shown direct associated effects and where scientists now understand the potential mechanisms of action that could cause some children to develop regressive Autism Spectrum Disorder, that suddenly such science is defunded and the scientists attacked?
Very few scientists and laboratories in the world are able and willing to do this work. Dr. Guillemette Crepeaux, a distinguished researcher in France, continues to forge forward seeking answers and refusing to be silenced. But it comes at a price; a lack of necessary funding.
It’s time that the world stops allowing Big Pharma to dictate science. It’s time we demand integrity, evidence-based, and unbiased research to lead the way to answers for the many pediatric chronic conditions that have risen to pandemic levels and continue to rise unchecked. Could the cause have been right under our noses the whole time?
We need your help! Please hear the evidence and help Dr. Crepeaux uncover one of the greatest mysteries of our lifetime and help break through the biases that are crippling the quest of real science. After watching this presentation by Dr. Crepeaux, we hope you will understand why this research is urgent and imperative. We hope that you will want to be a part of the greatest discovery in science that will change the way we look at autism and many other chronic conditions. It is our privilege as United For Healthcare Workers, LLC to collaborate with and support unbiased science and medicine. We are grateful to R.E.A.C.T. Inc; Research and Education For Autistic Children’s Treatment ( for bringing this important research need to light. We hope that our members will watch this presentation and contribute to the the 4a-1 Project. We believe that this research is VITAL and URGENT.