United Healthcare Workers is an independent group of Michigan healthcare workers gathered together to collaborate and dialog about COVID 19 public health management and policies.

We are a diverse group from many different disciplines working towards collaborative initiatives to better provide patient care and maintain employee rights.

We advocate for integrity and ethics in medicine and science and do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to managing this pandemic. We aim to bring back scientific conversations and debates on therapies, approaches, and policies that provide for individualized healthcare.

Mandating fast tracked, liability-free, experimental pharmaceutical products on millions of Americans instead of looking at each individual’s healthcare needs, goes against ethics and integrity in medicine. Instead, public health policy should be addressing early treatments, natural immunity, and a variety of treatment protocols that best suit the individual.

United Healthcare Workers is not affiliated with any particular organization or medical system. We are independent heathcare providers who aim to bring back ethical and scientifically based medicine and healthcare.