A video message from United Healthcare Workers founder Maija C. Hahn

Thank you Michigan healthcare workers in Michigan for standing up with your colleagues against mandates and the great crisis that Michigan healthcare workers and patients are facing!

This is not a partisan issue… this is a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. In fact, it’s our brown and black and minority communities whom will face the greatest harm from this healthcare crisis! So why are we seeing our Democratic Lawmakers not supporting medical freedom legislation? ITS TIME TO CHANGE THEIR MINDS.

On DECEMBER 8th, 2021 was a great success yet very disappointing that our Lawmakers were not willing to make strides to protect individual health choices.

Don’t be discouraged. We will continue to healthcare build teams and create alliances with lawmakers.

Let’s all be a voice together! THIS IS OUR TIME to make a difference and stop the destruction to our medical systems! We need to continue to be advocates for patients all across Michigan and give voices to the voiceless.

Thank you America’s Frontline Doctors who came out, especially Dr. Thomas who flew out from Texas to stand with us.

Maija has now moved to Florida where she will continue to be a voice for healthcare workers and patients. She hopes she can partner with Governor DeSantis and Surgeon General LaDapo (who are much more receptive to defying federal unethical health protocols), to bring read and significant change. Where Florida can lead… the rest of the nation can follow!

This Registration Form is for those who want to join the next Healthcare Workers Legislative Day in Tallahassee Florida.  We need doctors, scientists, researchers, and eye witnesses to help develop solutions and strategies for Florida.  Not only do we need solutions we also need practitioners and patients who have compelling stories to join us in these meetings with lawmakers especially if it’s regarding: lack of appropriate treatment, Vaccine Injury, deprivation of appropriate healthcare due to vaccination status or racial inequities.

United Healthcare Workers and Patients Legislative Day


United Healthcare Workers and Patients head to Lansing in support of Medical Freedom and Choice!

On December 8th, Michigan healthcare workers and patients will meet with our representatives in Lansing to advocate for access to appropriate healthcare choices.

Michigan is a state filled with diversity. It is home to many ethnicities, religions, and cultures that blend together. All Michiganders, regardless of these differences, deserve a healthcare system without bias. Medical rights and access to healthcare should be universal and treatment choices should be made based on the needs of the individual, by the individual. With the current mandate that all healthcare workers are required to receive an experimental vaccine as a condition of employment, quality of care in our system has declined and patients have been negatively impacted.

Bodily autonomy is a basic human right and protecting that right is the duty of all elected representatives, regardless of party affiliation. Minority populations, which are already being underserved by the system in Michigan, are being adversely affected by the medical mandates because they limit healthcare resources, individualized care, and access to early COVID-19 treatments.

It is time for us to come together and sound our united voices to legislators in Lansing, as we seek protections from the discrimination and government overreach the vaccine mandates inherently create.

Strategic teams will be developed and scheduled to meet with elected officials. Together, we will work to educate and build relationships with legislators in order to develop an understanding of the importance of vaccine choice and the doctor-patient relationship. Because these are legislative appointments, it is required that we are able to rely on you for your specific timeframes.

Thank you for joining us for this important event. Now is the time to stand up and be heard in an effort to protect ourselves, our families, and the future of our healthcare system.

Immediately following the last appointments of the day, a press conference will be held.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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