United For Healthcare Workers founder and president, Maija C Hahn, addressed Florida lawmakers in January 2023 asking them to “Screen The Blood!” after yet another study, this time by the American Heart Association, confirmed that the COVID mRNA vaccinations are not staying localized to the injection site and are in fact manufacturing the toxic COVID Spike Protein throughout the body and bloodstream.

This confirms a concern scientists and doctors have had regarding circulating spike proteins and the increase in myocarditis in young people vaccinated with the mRNA technology.

Maija shared what tens of thousands of healthcare workers and the “less-vaccinated” want to see Florida legislature focus on in the coming 2023 session:

1. Medical Privacy Laws to include Vaccination
2. Anti-Discrimination Laws giving equal rights to less-vaccinated
3. Regulations on Blood screening for the COVID 19 spike protein
4. A Florida VAERS System with mandatory and automated reporting
5. Certification for vaccine administration which includes thorough training on adverse reactions, contradictions, and true informed consent.
6. Keep cash as legal tender in the State of Florida.

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